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Here is a way we can help each other.

If you have a wonderful non-comercial website or BLOG telling about some aspect of wi-fi and you want us to put a link to your page on this site. We have a very simple site submission process.

Just put a link to one of our "Topic" pages on the page you want us to link to. (The page that links to our page must be the same page you want us to link to.) Once you have done that, just click the link on your site. We will return the favor and put a link on our site. Links from BLOG sites are welcome.

Some conditions will apply.
We will only link to wifi or networking related sites.
We will only link to sites that talk about wifi or networking.
We will only link to sites that have moderated language (family friendly).
We will only link to pages that promote legal activity.
We will only link to sites that are free, that do not require a payment to read.
We will only link to sites that do not have pop-ups.

Doesn't that sound simple? Let the linking begin.

If you did all of the above and we still have not linked to your site, please contact us and see if we can accomodate a link to your site.

More conditions will be added if there was something we did not consider when making this list.

Exaple of TEXT LINK to page on --> parabolic LOGO

Note: The instructions on this page are for non-comercial sites only. Comercial sites, please use the advertise here button on the left of this page.
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