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This website whole or in part is the property of it's owner. All content including the name "", TEXT, and GRAPHICS are soley owned by it's (creator/owner) ==>

At NO TIME will it be permitted to refer to this site on any page being sponsored by This statement refers to the practice used by sites that create 1000's of worthless SEARCH ENGINE BAIT PAGES. Pages who's only existance is to act as fly paper to attract hits from people who are searching for ligitamate web content.

This page is putting those abusers as well as on notice that this practice will not be tolerated and may be countered by legal action against all parties involved, including for sponsoring sites commiting this from of infringment.

The only acepted form of web listings are ones that promote inclusion of THIS SITE in search engine result lists. These listings must be direct links to this site on pages with the following meta tag:


If this site's listing rank is promoted up the list on, then the above formentioned paragraphs will be conditionally forgiven.
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